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Hitting Your Golf Ball Farther and Straighter

By admin Jun12,2024

The world of golf has shifted its focus to distance over accuracy. With the arrival of Tiger Woods, distance is king at the demise of some other skills. I fully understand this shift and embrace younger players learning how to hit the ball farther, then focusing on other skills such as accuracy. As young players, this approach is solid and should benefit their play in the long run. However, I am not convinced that the distance above all is the proper approach for all players. In my case, my distance (no matter how hard I try to increase) is capped at about 250 yards off the tee. I can poke a drive out a bit farther from time to time, but more often than not that is my final distance. So, where does that leave me if I want to lower my golf scores?

Skill level will have an direct impact on how far you hit your ball and in what direction. The masses who play golf struggle trying finding a cohesive blend between the two. In my case, I have accepted that I can only hit the ball so far, so I focus my efforts of maximizing my accuracy. Keeping the ball in play is critical to a successful round of golf. Having the confidence to swing my clubs at my best speed to maximize distance and still keep the ball in play is the cornerstone of my game. It took me a fair bit of time to find the balance, but I think it was worth the effort.

Before continuing with how a balance can be struck between distance and accuracy, I found a video that will help us get into the proper position to maximize both. I have some thoughts afterwards, (the second half of this video is trick shots) but first:

One of the important aspects of the video that was left out is what to do once you have achieved the proper set up posture and position before hitting the ball. I my case, trying to keep my head still and focused on my contact point is vital to hit the ball far and straight. I find that my noggin is my one controllable feature that helps maximize my results of any golf shot. The moment my head starts to bob around, trouble is not far behind.

I am confident that there are many other ways to maximize your distance and accuracy. If you are struggling, consider talking to your local professional. This person is trained to notice swing errors and offer suggestions to improve your results. They are an under utilized resource for many aspiring golfers and a kindly reminder could help save you time and lessen your frustration.

Hitting the ball far is fun in golf. Hitting the same ball into the woods….not so much. The balance between the two is something we all aspire to maximize. I have accepted my game off the tee and as such, I am finding different ways to lower my score. As I move forward, I will continue to keep my current results because I believe I have found the perfect balance for my game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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