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Wilson Updates Staff Model Balls For 2024

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Wilson are taking their Staff Model ball line to the next level for 2024 by adding two new Tour-calibre balls which the brand say will be used by their Tour players during the upcoming season.

Wilson Staff Model Balls 2024

The Wilson Staff Model X and Wilson Staff Model urethane four-piece balls are designed to provide precision, speed and spin.

“In looking to continue the success of the popular Staff Model ball franchise, we now introduce two Wilson Tour balls with distinct differentiation to meet the needs of some of the world’s best players.”

“We believe that the ‘X’ version ball will appeal to a greater number of elite golfers seeking higher velocity and spin, while the new Staff Model is designed for golfers who generate enough spin of their own.”

Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation, Wilson Golf.

Wilson Staff Model X Golf Balls

The new Staff Model X has the same characteristics as the previous Staff Model ball, but has undergone modifications to optimise iron spin via alterations to the inner mantle layer.

Wilson Staff Model Balls 2024

It is designed for golfers who want a ball with a firm and fast feel, enhancing spin for approach shots into the green.

The ball has an advanced V-COR performance technology, which is designed to add energy around the core to generate maximum velocity off the face, creating more distance.

Wilson Staff Model Balls 2024

The four-layer compressions on the ball work to provide a combination of shot-shaping off the tee, workability off the fairways, stability on approach shots and control around the green.

There is a 3SIX2 seamless Urethane cover which contributes to extra spin, which delivers more stopping power on wedge shots, chips and pitches around the green.

Wilson Staff Model Golf Balls

The new standard Staff Model ball uses the same V-COR performance technology and Urethane outer cover, but uses a medium-compression core.

Wilson Staff Model Balls 2024

This core is said to provide a great feel off the clubhead, as well as achieving flatter trajectories on drives and approach shots from distance.

Both the Staff Model X and Staff Model balls are painted using a finely controlled application process to improve the reliability of the finish for high-calibre performance.

They will be available from late-January at an RRP of £52 per dozen and will join the other options available in Wilson’s golf ball lineup including the three-piece Triad and two-piece DUO Soft.

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