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How To Mark Your Ball On The Green

By admin Jun15,2024

For years I watched players move the ball in a haphazard manner. Their in attention of how they place their maker behind the ball would cause challenges for the rules officials during tournaments. Additionally, they do not follow the proper procedure for moving and replacing their marker if it is in the putting path of their opponent. The process is actually very simple and it is basic knowledge that all golfers should understand.

The simplest way to understand how to mark your ball on the green is to show you. Take a look:

Understanding how and when to mark our ball is very important. I would offer a bit of advice. When you hit the ball on the green, regardless of its location, mark your ball. By picking up your ball it does two things: removes any distraction for your opponent (proper etiquette) and allows you to clean your ball. The latter is very important is a foreign object might be on your ball that could affect your putting stroke or roll of the ball on the green.

Understanding how to mark your golf ball on the green is important. Equally important is legally moving your maker and replacing it so your ball is in the exact same spot as where it started. This basic skill will save you strokes in the long run. Maybe not to today, but sometime in the future for sure.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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