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Scotty Cameron Introduce Long Design Putters

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Earlier this year Scotty Cameron introduced a full range of Phantom putters, with ten new models featuring enhanced shaping, alignment, sound and feel.

Scotty Cameron Long Design Putters

The brand are adding to this collection with two new Long Design models, designed for players looking for a more stable stroke and a more connected feel when gripping and using the putter.

Measuring at 38 inches and coming with stiffer custom shafts and heavier heads thanks to tungsten sole weights, the Phantom 11 Long Design and Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design help to quiet the hands and encourage more use of the shoulders during the putting stroke.

Scotty Cameron say that the increase in overall length and weight, plus a heavier and longer grip, helps to keep the putter more balanced and slow down the entire stroke.

Scotty Cameron Long Design Putters

“Most of the discussions we’re having with players these days are either about new alignment features or finding ways to quiet their hands during the putting stroke.”

“We took two of our most popular models – the Super Select Squareback 2 and Phantom 11 – and created a counterbalanced effect with a slightly longer shaft, a heavier head and a heavier grip. This helps the player engage the larger shoulder muscles in the stroke.”

“It’s a concept we’ve developed over the years working with touring professionals that can benefit players everywhere.”

Scotty Cameron.

Scotty Cameron Long Design Putters

Scotty Cameron Long Design putter technologies:

  • Custom 17-inch 135-gram grip – Made specifically for the Long Design models, the 135g, 17-inch grip allows for softer grip pressure and controlled hand movement, with more weight able to counterbalance the added head weight.

  • Custom Stiffer Shafts – Designed to provide stability and forgiveness, the stiffer and longer version of Scotty’s mid-bend shaft accommodates the heavier weight of the Phantom 11 Long Design. The custom shaft in the Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design complements the putter’s plumbing neck.

  • Heavier Sole Weights – Each putter incorporates interchangeable 25-gram tungsten sole weights.

Scotty Cameron Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design Putter

With a solid milled face and integrated 6061 aluminium sole plate, the putter features the same wider-bodied, angular mid-mallet shape of the standard Super Select Squareback 2, but with a Long Design tungsten sole weights, heavy grip and custom shaft.

Scotty Cameron Phantom 11 Long Design Putter

Designed with the same head shape of the Phantom 11 and 11.5 models, the high-MOI putter offers enhanced arrow alignment features, complementing the heavier head and custom grip and shaft build.

The new Scotty Cameron Super Select Squareback 2 Long Design and Phantom 11 Long Design models are available worldwide from 17th May at an SRP of £475.

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