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Stop Breaking These Simple Rules

By admin Jun18,2024

As an avid golfer, I think I know the rules of golf pretty well. I have read them several times through the years and have passed the level 1 rules test. I would not consider myself an expert, yet many will default to my decisions when playing. Having said this, there are seven simple rules that most of my playing partners ignore because it will make their game easier and they will incur less penalty strokes. During a friendly, I could not care less. However, during a tournament I care a great deal!

There are seven simple rules outlined by Hanna Holden that many amateurs either do not know or ignore when playing golfer. There are two specifically that I will talk about after the video because one I did not know and the other is the most common. Take a look:

The rule I did not know was repairing the line in front of your ball before the shot. Walking through the sand trap was an extreme example, however I did not know you cannot rake the sand before playing your shot. I have actually walked through a sand trap in the past, but cannot remember if I raked before or after my shot. It makes sense after I thought about it because if I missed my shot and landed in the sand trap my lie would likely be improved. So, after contemplation, I think this is a good rule.

The second rule is picking the nicest point of relief not the nearest. This happens all the time because many of my playing partners think that nicest is actually the nearest. I agree with Hanna that sometimes relief does not actually offer an opportunity to hit the ball. I have had this discussion with many players over the years while playing in a tournament. They were not happy with my interpretation, but when they asked the rules official after the tournament they found out I was correct. It did not make them any happier, but at least the stopped giving me the stink eye.

Understand the rules of golf is important. As I have stated in many other articles, knowledge of the rules will save you strokes! The will not help you create a better swing, but they will save you from compounding your mistake. Which of the seven rules above do you see broken more often than not?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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