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How To Aim A Golf Shot By Jack Nicklaus

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The ability to hit our ball in the direction we select is a fantastic skill to master. Surprisingly, aiming our golf ball is as much about the pre-contact process as much as how we swing the club. I developed my process years ago and it has served me well over my career. I figured out the requirement to have an aim point closer to my ball than a tiny target many yards down the fairway. Of course, that tiny target is important, but closer the aim point, the easier it is to hit my line. Jack Nicklaus has a process that works every time. It is simple, repeatable and requires very little skill to employ. I fully recommend Jack’s process!

Jack’s process is straight forward. He selects an aim point down about three feet from his ball and then goes through his pre-shot routine. His parallel line with his feet is something that is up for debate, but how to select his aim line is rock solid. Here is what he has to say:

When I play in a competition I keep in mind where I want my aimpoint to be in relation to my ball on the tee. This simplifies my aiming process by knowing, approximately where my ball should be in relation to the spot I chose. Knowing the aimpoint really helps me keep my ball in play of the teeing area.

When in the fairway or chipping, selecting a point might extend out from my three feet comfort zone. However, I have used this process for so long that I can see a spot out to 10 feet without a challenge. Regardless of what works for me, you will have to find the distances that work for you. My point is that selecting the target is out from the ball is important to hitting our ball in the proper direction, all the time.

We all know that Jack Nicklaus is the one of the greatest golfers of all time. I figure that if he offers a free, simple to duplicate lesson on aiming, I am all in. I have used this process for years and feel that it greatly improved my overall game. I think it can have a positive impact on yours as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on links!


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