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‘It’s a camaraderie’: Women’s golf community comes together for tournament

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Jun. 18—The women of the St. Joseph Country Club and the St. Joseph Ladies Golf Association came together Tuesday to compete in the 51st annual Highland Classic Golf Tournament.

Every year, about 100 female players compete for the top spots in the tournament. There are four flights, and first through fourth place will receive a cash prize.

Additionally, the golf association donates two $500 scholarships to young, upcoming golfers at Missouri Western.

“It’s a camaraderie,” said Gracie Landes, tournament chairman. “The St. Joseph Country Club ladies are so awesome. I ask them to do something and they just say, ‘Absolutely, what do you need me to do?'”

Landes said she believes the best part is bringing women together for love, friendship and of course, golf.

“I absolutely love golf,” Landes said. “I would play every day of the week if I could get on the golf course.”

She said through golf, you can learn a lot about others.

“You learn you have good days, you have bad days. They say if you golf with somebody, you learn something about them,” she said.

However, in the end, they’re all playing for fun and they try their best to incorporate that. As a retiree, Landes said golf gives her something to do.

For Tuesday’s tournament, Landes hoped to win it all, but she recognized the talent of the ladies she was up against.

“The goal is to just play good golf. Play one hole at a time … one stroke at a time,” she said.

First place winners receive $125 per player and prizes descend from there. Participants can also enter a raffle for a chance to win a wide array of prizes.


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