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Playing Golf The Easy Way

By admin Jun22,2024

How is your golf game? Are you happy with your results or do you struggle with playing well from time to time? These and many other questions are often asked by all golfers regardless of our skill level. I know that early in my playing days I struggled to find a consistent process that helped me re-create the conditions for success on each shot. I am way past this now and have delved into this topic many times and fortunately we are going to discuss it again today. Are you ready for PAR golf?

For many of my golf shots (actually all of them) I use a process I developed over many years of trial and error. This process is unique to my game because I modified many different approaches to find what works for me. Even though I feel I am playing my best golf, I continually look for tips to improve my game. Then I started to think about the beginner or novice player trying to forge their golfing path. That is when I came across a process called PAR. It provides a great foundation to developing your process of success and it is simple and easy to use.

What I like about this process is the three separate stages. Each is definable, offers distinct metrics and is easy to use. The PAR process focuses more on course management than swing mechanics. This is very important because once you are on the course it is time to focus on scoring not if you have your club in the proper position. The PAR process offers a great foundation for you to develop ‘how’ you want to play golf. This step down your golfing path will start to lower your golf scores.

I like to think that golf is made easier if I have a process to follow. As I reviewed the PAR process, it struck me that how I play golf is one big process. Regardless of the situation I face, I follow the same focused process to executing each golf shot. Even the very difficult shots boil down to a process where I can focus on making a great shot. To be fair, because I have a process does not mean I am always successful. However, I do set the stage to success the execution part is all about being an amateur.

Developing your unique course management processes is a worth goal. There are a plethora of methods and the PAR process offers a great place to start. Good luck on your journey to playing easy golf.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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