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Playing Golf With Hybrids

By admin Jun23,2024

The most recent development in golf is the use of hybrids. This club looks more like a fairway wood than an iron; hence, the term hybrid. Developed in the early 2000s, this club has become a staple in most golf bags. As an amateur who struggles hitting long irons, I am elated with the expansion of hybrids. These unique clubs added a new dimension to my game once I accepted that they were better for lowering my golf scores. After embracing this new innovation, the task on how to hit them consistently became the next step in the evolution of my golf game. Well, after 15 years or so, I think I know what I am doing….but, do I really?

Currently, I carry a 3 an 4 hybrid in my bag. I am thinking about adding a 5 hybrid, but that decision is still up in the air. Additionally, professionals are start to use a 5 and 7 wood more instead of hybrids. This change adds a new dimension to my decision making, but that is an article for another day. For now, hitting hybrids is the key to lowering my golf scores.

After watching many different videos and reading some articles, I found that all the pundits and gurus offer the same advice to hitting hybrids well. It is really no secret, however it is important to note that like the clubs name, how to use hybrids is also a bit of mix bag between long irons and fairway woods. I decided on Mark Crossfield’s video to share today:

Fortunately, I developed the confidence of hitting hybrids when they first came out. After developing the technique described in the Mark’s video, I found that they are very versatile for my game. As an example, the last Men’s night I used my 4 hybrid in two different instances with great results. The first was shot from the fairway from 187 yards (used my range finder for distance). This is a natural distance for this club and I hit it as expected. My ball zeroed in on the pin and never left that line. Being the second shot into a par 5, we were putting for a rare eagle. After leaving our ball on the lip, we walked off with a tap in birdie.

The second shot out of the rough to the green on the first hole. We were 225 yards out and the rough was sticky. I decided on using my 4 hybrid again with the intent of leaving the ball 35 yards from the green. This distance is perfect as the green elevates eight feet from the fairway. This short distance to the green offers the best chance of chipping the ball close. Well, my ball jumped out the rough and my ball came to rest in the bunker beside the green. I had a flyer lie and my hybrid showed why this type of club works well in difficult positions. We did not end up using my ball, but the shot was a good one.

Hybrids have changed the direction of golf. They have opened many doors for amateurs who, like me, struggled hitting long irons. Now, I would never play golf without them. Hybrids helped elevate my game to the next level as soon as I realized how to properly hit these game changing clubs.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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