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Putting Tip From Brad Faxon

By admin Jun28,2024

Golf is a game where inches can either lower or increase your score. Most amateurs make their most shots around the green and in some cases half on the putting surface. Since we rack up the most strokes on the green, it makes sense that we focus more of our practice time on the putting surface. If this is true, what tips should we follow to lower our overall score. That is a great question and I recently found out that there is no one defining method to putt regardless of our skill level. I know you are shaking your heads right now, but it really is true……I think.

Brad Faxon and Ben Crenshaw are considered two of the best putters of all time. That is a very bold statement, however all my research suggest that they are definitely very high up on the list. Having said that, I stumbled across a video where Faxon completely debunks what I thought was the definitive way to putt. It is interesting to listen to other views and it helps to grow my golf knowledge.

I was taught the exact oppositive of what Faxon suggests as a follow through while putting. My mantra is ‘back 6 forward 12’ when putting. My view is that it promotes consistent, solid contact. Well, according to Faxon and Crenshaw, limiting our follow through offers a better technique for developing a better feel on the green. Well, this sure makes me think about what is the right way forward for developing a great putting technique.

Wait, I have it! Do what works best for your game. Try both methods with a shorter and extended follow through. Find which works for your game. And if you find a happy medium works, then use that style. The point to my diatribe today is that there is no definitive, must-do putting style. Just look at professional golfers. There are so many different putting styles and each is tailored by the professional player. It is all about finding what method works best for you.

Taking advice from experts like Brad Faxon is a great place to start. After years of trial and error, I realize that developing a foundation of knowledge and shaping it to my game is my best path to success. My process might work for you or it might not, the point for today is developing what works for your golf game. It will take time and effort, but this half the fun.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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