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Golfing With Strangers – Is It A Good Idea?

By admin Jun30,2024

Many golfers forget that most golf courses are trying to maximize profits because it is a business after all. This comes to no surprise for some, like myself, as we understand that playing golf as a single or a pair does not bode well for golf course profits. Knowing this, I am never surprised when I show up to a golf course and I am pair with strangers. It is the nature of golf and a situation that helps the course stay solvent. Regardless of the business model, is playing golf with strangers really a good idea?

Not long ago, I wrote an article about golf with strangers, you can read it here. Without rehashing all the details, I think playing golf with strangers is a good thing for our golf game. Yes, there is a chance I will not like the people I am playing with, however in my experience that is a rare thing. There is one reason above all why I think playing golf with strangers is a good thing – it improves your ability to play golf! Yup, it is as simple as that!

Most golfers shy away from playing golf with strangers. It is one of those things where they feel self-conscious about people they do not know watching their every stroke. For some reason, the thought of other players judging them creates a great deal of angst. I understand their trepidation, yet I still believe it is good for their game to be pair with golfers they do not know.

The main benefit from golfing with strangers is focus. Because a stranger will likely give you space (most of the time) if offers us the chance to focus on our game with fewer distractions. If have found that I become a little more introspective about each shot. I focus on the shot at hand and block out all the white noise that might be associated with golfing with friends. Focus is by far the best benefit of golfing out of our comfort zone.

Speaking of comfort zones, playing with strangers is much like playing in a golf tournament. In competitive golf there is a greater chance of playing golf with strangers. With the increased pressure of the competition itself, being able to handle the discomfort of playing with strangers is important. It is interesting how different players approach competitive rounds, but universally everyone tries to block out the discomfort of strangers watching their every shot. Playing outside our comfort zone needs to be practiced because it offers different stressors to your golf game.

Lastly, playing with strangers has the benefit of making new friends. About 5 or 6 years ago, I was fortunate enough to be pair with Mike C at Osprey Links for Men’s Night. It was all a chance thing and at first it took a few moments to figure out if this chance pairing was going to be a good thing or not. Looking back from today and I can say it has worked out famously. Mike and I are good friends because of our chance meeting. We play golf as often as possible when he is in the area and I thoroughly enjoy his company. In this case, golf with strangers enriched my life. For this I am definitely a grateful golfer!

Next time you arrive at the golf course and are paired with strangers, take it as an opportunity to improve your game and to meet new potential friends. You might be pleasantly surprised at the result of embracing a chance meeting with strangers.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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