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The Power Of Positive Thoughts In Golf

By admin Jul4,2024

I am a strong believer in the power of positive thought. I choose to be happy every day and for the most part, this approach to the ups and downs of life are easier to manage. Additionally, I believe I can always play great golf. When I walk on to the golf course I have an unerring attitude that today is the day for a low score. Of course there are many times when the golf gods have a different idea, but it does not change my positive approach to playing the sport I love. And it all starts with one thought!

My golf game, like all other areas of my life, is created. Every time I hit the links I place my mind in a state where I believe I can play great golf. Rarely will I admit defeat because the next shot might be the one where my game gets better. Take a listen to Bob Rotella talking about Tiger Woods:

I realize that there is a unpassable chasm between Tiger Woods and the rest of us, but the message is clear. Stay focused on the moment, remain positive, and create the results you want. Of course this can be a tall mountain to climb, but it becomes easier as we continue to employ this positive mental approach to our golf game.

Through my many years of playing sports, I have developed a keen competitive edge that has served me extremely well. Like other athletes, I have played at the élite level in several sports with much success. However, the great times have also been marred with periods of self-doubt and lack of confidence. These dark times always started with one small insignificant word that has the ability to wreak devastation in its path. That word is “Can’t”!

Years back, a volleyball coach that I knew, always told his players “you are right, you Can’t” if they used that negative word. He told the young athletes that as soon as they say they can’t do something, their mind and body will immediately agree. He further explained that the biggest effect of that word lies in the six inches of real estate between their ears! (The last two paragraphs are taken from a previous article I wrote)

I have played rounds of golf where I started 4 over on the front and shot 4 under on the back. I played rounds where I needed a par to shoot 1 under on the final hole and ended up one over! I have played rounds of golf where nothing good or bad happened until I started to change my mental approach. My point is simple, why not start on a positive note and see what happens to your game. Challenges occur during every round of golf and how we approach those challenges goes a long way to the creating the results we want to see.

Thinking positive does not always mean that we need to look at everything with rose coloured glasses. It does, however, suggest that we have two paths for every decision. Choosing the positive path is simple (it might be a harder path) and will likely produce a better outcome in the long run. It does take effort and practice, but once you chose to approach your golf game in a positive manner, the possibility of great things happening increase exponentially.

Next time you are hitting the links, try the positive mindset approach. You never know, you might discover a secret weapon to your success!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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