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Basic Chipping Lowers Our Golf Score

By admin Jul5,2024

Every player misses the green on approach shots. It does not matter if you are the world’s best golfer or an amateur who is hitting the links for your weekly loop around the course. Everyone will be chipping the ball in order to lower their golf score. There seems to be millions of ‘how to chip’ videos that involve many different styles in order to get our ball up and down. Likely some have value to your game considering your skill level, however I support the concept of knowing the concepts of basic chipping in order to lower our golf score. This process allows for an easy, repeatable chip that has proven results. It is a matter of understanding the process and making it your own.

If you are wondering what the process involves to make a basic chip shot, I found a short video to help.

I really like what is present in the video. I use this technique often with great results. What many beginners overlook is lifting the heel of the the club slightly. If we do not raise the heel, then there is a greater chance it will hit the ground first and close the club face. Hence you ball travels left of your target line.

Another thing a like about the video is that the stroke is similar to my putting stroke. I am very confident with my putting stroke, therefore if I can transfer this movement into chipping on tight lies, then good things will happen. This particular basic stroke works very well with my 7 iron, but also with different clubs.

One thing you will have to practice is using different lofts of clubs. You will have to determine which clubs work of your game in different situations. I rare use a 60° wedge for tight lies because I have to swing hard to produce any type of distance. Again, using a variety of clubs to determine flight and distances is important when developing your basic chipping technique. On a side note, I also use the chipping technique in grass. Depending on the depth, will determine my club selection.

I have discussed chipping in many different videos. Some offer slightly different techniques, put all are rooted in the basic chipping technique above. Of course, the conditions around the ball will change our stroke slightly, but that is a more advanced technique that you can develop after you master the basics.

Basic chipping will lower your golf score and help avoid big numbers on our scorecard. It does take some practice to perfect, but what skill in golf does not require some effort…..right?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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