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I Am a Rule Breaker in Golf

By admin Jul6,2024

For years I have been breaking the rules of golf and did not realize it! I was doing the complete opposite because I was did not interpret Rule 10 properly. As a matter of fact, every scramble tournament I entered over the past many years, everyone breaks this rule. I am not sure this is ever going to change, but at least I understand where I have been going wrong. Likely, if you play in any charity team events you will notice many rule breakers and no one seems to care.

The universal rule every group breads during our Men’s Night events is Rule 10.2b: getting help on alignment of our shot. Yup, no team mate is allowed to stand behind a player during any stroke being played. I knew your caddie could not stand in the restricted area, but that rule did not apply to your playing partners. I also thought that it was your opponent who could not stand behind a player during a scramble format, but alas it is your team mates that must not move.

As it turns out, Rule 10.2b has a greater application than virtually every player understands.

Now that we have the rule explained, here is my view on its application. During a serious competition, I understand that breaking rule 10.2b is a no-no. You cannot illicit help from your playing partners or caddie because is this action goes against the spirit of golf being an individual sport. Yet, your opponent can stand in the restricted area without any penalty, seems backwards to me.

So, how do we create the environment where 99% of golfers do not break the rules. The answer is very simple.

Except where specifically stated, rule 10.2b has to be stated at the beginning of the tournament. If it is not stated in the organization explanation, then we can assume that a local rule allowing for partners to stand behind a player making a shot is legal. As for caddies, this rule is always in affect. There you have it, local rules during Men’s Night and Charity events (for example) allowing for teams to watch every shot should be the norm.

I am certain that we will never to fully enforce rule 10.2b, especially for fun events. Invoking the local rule as the norm seems like an easy fix. It would allow 99% of golfers to be compliant with one rule anyway. Regardless, I am confident that things will not change anytime soon. What to you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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