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Playing A Difficult Golf Shot

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Every golfer faces a challenging shot while playing golf. It comes in all forms regardless of our best intentions. Depending on the course you play, there may be a plethora of golf shots that each of us would consider difficult. At my home course of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort, the six hole from the back tees offers a great challenge to my game. Others may not find it a challenge, but I sure do. The funny thing is that it is others may not see the same issues because this hole fits perfectly to their game. Let me explain.

The par three hole plays about 170 yards. The club I can use ranges from a 7 iron to 5 iron depending on the wind. The tee box is tucked to the right and I have to shape the ball left to right to hit the center of the green. The challenge for me is that I normally hit the ball straight or draw the ball slightly with those irons. Hence, a difficult shot to play. Additionally, if I flush my shot straight, it will fly into the creek the runs behind the green. Overall, this particular shot poses some unique tests to my game.

Back tee box on the 6th hole at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort

If you are wondering, the center of the green is on the right behind the bushes. You can see the corner of a shelter that is directly behind the green and is often used as target from the white tee boxes. Looking at the picture, the large tree in the middle of the picture is way left of the green and offers a potential trap that brings deep rough and the creek in play. Don’t forget the branches hanging over the edge of the forest that definitely come into play. At 170 yards, this is no easy shot as a par three.

Fortunately, over the years of playing Mattawa I have developed a strategy that seems to work. I hit stinger shot with my 6 iron. I accept that I may not make the green, however all the other options seem to increase my risk of making a poor shot. And, surprisingly, my 6 iron stinger fades a bit. I am not sure why this happens, however it is what it is and I accept the ball flight. With my 6 iron, my aim point is between the big tree mention earlier and the roof of the shed. With a bit of a fade, I usually catch some part of the green or I am left with an easy chip.

Playing tough golf shots is a challenge. I many cases, it takes me a few tries to figure out what the best shot will be to suit my game. On a side note, if I am playing a course for the first time, I pay particular attention to shots like these for future reference. Every golfer faces their own unique challenges when making any golf shot. It is up to you to decide what shot you have in your bag that works best for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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