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Rex & Lav podcast: Are we numb to the brilliance of young players?

By admin Jul8,2024

Amateur Luke Clanton did something that hasn’t been done in 66 years. Michael Thorbjornson tied for second in his third professional start. Davis Thompson, a relative elder at age 25, set a new scoring record at the John Deere Classic.

Impressed? In this edition of the Golf Channel Podcast with Rex & Lav, the senior writers discuss, with kids being so good these days, do their achievements seem more normal than remarkable?

They also chat about Rory McIlroy’s impending return at the Genesis Scottish Open and, if the youth don’t impress you, Rex’s Scottish itinerary might.

  • 0:00: Davis Thompson gets win No. 1 at the Deere

  • 03:30: Are the early-era Scottie Scheffler comps fair or foul?

  • 07:30: Luke Clanton and Michael Thorbjornsen continue to shine

  • 15:30: Rory McIlroy headlines Scottish Open. What should the media ask him?

  • 25:00: Rex heads off on a 5-week work trip … but at least he has some help.


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