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Satan, the Sin of Wrath was in the Helluva Boss Season 2 Trailer

By admin Jul8,2024

Did you know this in Helluva Boss?

In the season 2 trailer we briefly see a mysterious cowboy character. So who is he?

Well this is actually satan, the leader of the wrath ring. In the hazbin universe satan and lucifer are two different characters.

Design wise we can tell that he’ll be a dragon, based on his wings horns and multiple eyes. In a past episode we also saw he has an app called satan’s workouts which shows that he’s a dragon and into fitness.

In episode 8 bee mentioned stan, saying he was hot as hell. Likely referring to his glowing molten arm, but perhaps he’s also quite attractive since he works out.

Overall satan looks amazing and he’s probably the sin im most excited to see. The question remains on whether or not he’ll be an ally or foe for the main cast.

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