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Is Decision Making An Asset For Your Golf Game?

By admin Jul9,2024

As stated in previous articles, golfers make hundreds of decisions during every round of golf. It does not matter if they intent to make that many decisions, it just happens. In many cases, their choices do not really impact their game all that much. Other ‘intended decisions’ have a direct impact on their scorecard. It is those course management decisions that can make or break your round of golf. There are many different types of decisions and the one I want to focus on is hitting to a distance. This area of most golf games is overlooked because most amateurs try to hit their ball as far as possible as often as possible. I hate to offer tidings of bad news, but this approach to golf is likely costing you many strokes in one round. Fortunately, we can fix that!

When ever you approach a tee box that is longer than a par 3, do you automatically reach for your driver? If you are sitting 250 yards from the green, does a three wood magically appear in your hand? Regardless of the situation, do you find yourself reaching for the club that will go the maximum distance regardless of the hazards around you? If you answer yes to one or all of the questions; we need to talk!

An advanced course management skill is hitting to a specific distance to set up your next shot. We have talked about this, however with some tournaments on my horizon I thought it was a good time to go over this important topic. Hitting to distance is an underrated course management skill in golf. I would consider it a more advanced skill, but that designation is up for discussion.

Before delving further in this important topic, take a look at this short video:

Selecting the proper club to set up your next shot is basically hitting to distance. I use this course management strategy often and it has saved me many strokes over the years. In most cases, I employ hitting to a specific distance when my lie is very poor, I am in a hazard, or I am 250 yards our from the green. I all three of these cases, I look for what would be my best distance to leave for my next shot. If you are wondering, anywhere from 90 to 110 yards is my ideal distance for my approach shot. This distance will vary depending on my round, but it serves as a baseline.

I have hit almost every club in my bag to hit to a specific distance. More often than not, this course management choice was the correct one as I have left the green with no more than a par. By making the proper choice to lay up to a distance, I have created the conditions for success. This type of decision making allows me to shoot in the 70s most of the time. I understand when it is time to press for a lower score and when it best to hit to a safe distance and rely on the rest of my game to keep my score low.

Course management strategies vary from player to player. If you have not employed hitting to a distance out of challenging situations, I recommend you give it some thought. You may find that your avoid a high number by playing the proper shot to a distance you are confident hitting. The choices are yours!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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