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Start With Being Great At One Thing

By admin Jul10,2024

Golf offers so many different areas which any player can excel. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think of all the skills a player must learn in order to be considered a great player. Although the ‘great player’ moniker is relative, the point is that excelling at golf can be a challenge. For many amateur, learning how to play golf taxes their ability to be good, even great, at one thing because they feel then need to spend time on all facets of their golf game. I suggest that this is false and most amateurs should take a different approach to becoming a great golfer.

I was fortunate early in my career to have a decent swing and okay short game. I would not consider it to be great, but I did play plenty of golf early and that helped propel my game forward. It was not until I was a little older that I realized I needed a different approach to playing golf. I needed focus my efforts on more specific skills and help build the foundation of success.

My approach was very simple, I started at the pin and work outward. Most of my strokes occurred withing 25 yards of the pin. So, it made complete sense to sharpen those skills in order to lower my golf score. Actually, my putting was taking up at least 40% of my shots…..are you seeing my logic?

I started to spend more time putting, then chipping, and then hitting the range in order to lower my golf scores. I realized I needed to start from the pin outward in order to be considered myself a good golfer. This concept is not mine, it is something I found out later in my search for golf knowledge. However, I did use the process of improving my game by starting with the areas that created the most shots during my round. It has worked very well and today I have a reasonably solid golf game starting from the pin moving outward.

The only anomaly to this process is that my driver is the best club in my bag. I am not sure how this happened, but alas here we are. Currently, my long iron game is the weakest. Although hybrids have helped, I still hit the ball more inconsistently than I want or expect. Knowing this, it does give me something to work on when I practice from time to time.

To get to the state that my game is today, I focused on being great at one thing first and build my game on that foundation. I chose putting because it made the most sense. I worked on my other skills after that to a point where my game is considered better than average. Regardless of how you approach improving your game, be great at one thing and build from there; you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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