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In line with the internet’s ongoing trend of recreating movie props, YouTuber Nick O’Hara brings the Caddyshack club-launching golf bag to life.
YouTuber and gadget fan Nick O’Hara recreates Caddyshack‘s club-launching golf bag in real life. Caddyshack, a classic sports comedy from the early 1980s, initially debuted to overwhelming amounts of criticism regarding the film’s rather haphazard plotline. Most notably known as Ghostbusters‘ Egon Spengler, Harold Ramis made his directorial debut with Caddyshack, with starring roles from Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield adding to the film’s overall audience appeal. Over the years, Caddyshack has evolved into a cult classic, with many film critics jumping on board and praising its comedic genius.
Recreating movie props is a rather amusing trend sweeping across the internet. From DIY Flux Capacitors inspired by Back to the Future to Star Wars mega-fans crafting a Han Solo blaster, YouTube is a treasure trove filled with talented and creative movie fans. With Hollywood offering an almost endless supply of ideas for prop re-creation, the creatively enjoyable trend will likely continue.
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As reported by Gizmodo, YouTuber and gadget enthusiast Nick O’Hara recreates Caddyshack‘s golf club launching bag. Rather than for his own amusement, O’Hara actually built the golf club launcher to impress Rick Shiels, another YouTube personality who spends his time testing out strange golf gadgets. The launcher resembles the barrel of a Gatling gun, rotating and firing the exact golf club needed by a golfer. To operate, golfers can either select a club themselves with a wireless remote control or utilize voice commands, allowing the bag to act as their caddy and choosing the proper club for the shot. Check out the video below:
O’Hara is no stranger to recreating awesome stuff from the world of entertainment and beyond. Recently, the self-professed Jedi-wannabe built a contraption that helped him act as though he was using the Force to open a door. Other notable creations from the talented YouTuber are a Guitar Hero playing robot, the world’s largest cap gun, and a device that electrocutes his friend every time he texts and drives. With a seemingly endless supply of inspiration to pull from, more fun and creative videos will likely surface from O’Hara.
While watching incredible displays of gadgetry and mind-bending effects on screen is enjoyable, seeing fans bring movie elements to life lives on a whole different level of awesomeness. It is exciting to see how close fans’ creative minds can come to bringing all these various film elements to life. With a catalog of older films to pull from, such as Ramis’ cult classic Caddyshack, and new movies constantly churning out, audiences can eagerly look forward to what mega-fans pull off next.
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Source: Nick O’Hara (via Gizmodo)
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