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November 12, 2022
November 12, 2022 admin

Tragically, about 137 Aussies die from some form of cancer every day.
Cancer Council is on the front line when it comes to life-saving research, prevention programs as well as information and support services. To fund its work, Cancer Council relies on the generosity of the community.
And Australian golfers have proven to be incredibly generous in this regard. Last year, golfers raised a whopping $2.6 million to assist cancer patients throughout the country.
The cornerstone of this fund-raising effort is The Longest Day – an endurance golf challenge that tests your skill and stamina, while bringing golfing friends together to help a more than worthy cause.
This year, The Longest Day will officially take place on Monday December 12, but participants can hold their event at their local club anytime throughout December.
And the challenge? Play four rounds of golf between dawn and dusk in a single day at your club with their friends and fellow members. By doing that, you will be making a difference in giving us all a cancer-free future. Every dollar raised helps support those impacted by cancer.
Former Sydney Swans AFL player Nick Davis made his Longest Day debut in 2021 and he’s taking part again this year.
“I’ve done some memorable things, I’ve played in grand finals, but this is something that’s right up there,” says Davis.
“The Longest Day is something that appeals to me on a lot of levels – being a professional sports person, the competitive side and the challenge of trying to play 72 holes in one day. I’m not sure I’ll ever be one to do a marathon or anything like that, but I can do this! And it’s also great to be able to raise awareness for Cancer Council.”
What are some of the highlights of taking part in The Longest Day?
“Finishing!” Davis laughed.
“No, really – there was a lot of different challenges through the day, but finishing was the highlight. We were out there for over 12 hours and it was a very hot day, but at the same time, it was a great opportunity to challenge myself to play 72 holes and bond with the guys – there were plenty of topics that got raised between us.
“We spent a lot of quality time talking about some interesting things – and a lot of time talking about the weather.
“I would encourage people to try The Longest Day challenge for themselves. It’s up there with running a marathon – you need to prepare for it and get your walking shoes on to practice because it’s a long way around the course. I’d recommend people to get involved – for the challenge, but also for the comradery I got from playing with the other guys. We can always say: ‘Yep, I remember the day when we played 72 holes of golf together.'”
If you’re enthusiastic to take part, here’s how to get involved.
Form a team of four players, choose a day, then head to to register. Contact your local club to book a tee time for your foursome. Then start your fundraising by asking friends, family, work colleagues and club members to support your challenge by making a donation to your fundraising page.
All you need to do then is prepare for the big day.
“I would suggest a couple of nice long walks in the weeks leading up to the day,” Davis said. “It’s also important to make sure you have the right, appropriate clothing that’s easy to play golf in and easy to walk in.
“You’ll need to make sure you’re covered up from the sun, too – reflective gear, sunscreen and a hat.”
Register for The Longest Day now by heading to and chip-in for a cancer-free future.


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