October 20, 2022

By 2030, experts estimate the golf cart industry will reach a total value of $1.41 billion, and even now, we see a trend in the upward direction. Over the years, the demand for low-speed vehicles like golf carts has continued to grow, especially in cities where people prefer to avoid traffic jams. Colleges, business districts, and parks have fueled the demand as well. Let’s take an in-depth look at why this growth continues.

Going Mainstream: Electric Vehicles

You may have only expected cars like the Tesla Model X to grow in popularity, but the electrification of America has meant that even golf carts have become popular too. The trend for small electric vehicles like the golf cart began in 2015 and has kept climbing ever since. 


Many have even begun to see golf carts as a second kind of electric vehicle, further fueling this trend. 


In some cities, we have seen ordinances passed—not to stop the driving of golf carts—but to make these electric vehicles street-legal and safer to drive. Examples of cities that have passed ordinances include Ocean Springs and Madison. 

Why This Trend Won’t Be Slowing Down

Let’s not kid ourselves—golf activities remain the key reason behind the growing popularity of the golf cart. That’s the key driver, considering how the number of rounds played in 2021 increased by 5.5%. 


From 2019 to 2020, an estimated 500,000 new golfers joined the ranks of the game, giving it a two percent increase. On nearly every metric, golf increased in popularity. 


We don’t know if that momentum will sustain itself, but many other factors added to the rising popularity of golf carts. The golf cart has made in-roads into other markets, including:


Wedding venues
Tourist destinations
Amusement parks 
Cargo transport 


The golf cart has become seen as a utility vehicle, which increases its number of applications outside the scope of golf. Especially in the United States, we will continue to see a surge in popularity where key players like Yamaha Golf-Car Company, Club Car, LLC, and E-Z-GO have all led the market. 


Best Golf Carts in 2022

Now that we’ve looked at the reasons behind the growth let’s look at some of the best electric golf carts you can buy in 2022. 

1. Electric Termite 4 Seater

The Electric Termite 4 Seater may lack the bells and whistles of the premium choices, but you can add some of the essentials like headlights, taillights, and a horn. It reaches a maximum of 10 mph, but you don’t need anything special to drive it that way. 



Low price 
Engine is dependable
Doesn’t require anything special to drive it



Some may not like the limited speed
Lacks many of the coveted extras

2. Evolution D3 Street Legal Golf Cart

Topping out its full speed at 25 mph, the Evolution D3 will appeal to the tastes of most, and this stylish golf cart is an electric cart. It shows a solid build with a 48-volt battery to give you that extra oomph on the golf course. You can set a full charge on this cart in five hours, which greatly improves the lead-acid batteries that clock out at well over eight hours. 



Stylish design
Tops out its speed at 25 mph
Buy it in several available colors
Convertible rear seat for extra load capacity



Customization feels a bit limited

3. Evolution Turfman 1000 Plus

An outstanding golf cart for big loads, the Evolution Turfman 1000 Plus offers a flatbed in it with rails. The golf cart tops out its speed at 19 mph, and it also gets some good distance on it. You can take on a payload of up to 1,000 pounds with this golf cart. The only downside to it is that only two people can ride in it. This golf cart includes special tires for improved shock impact. 



Achieves a decent top speed at 19 mph
Can cart up to a 1,000-pound payload
Flatbed with rails in it
Special tires to lower shock impact



Only two seats available

Final Thoughts

The golf cart industry will continue to grow because more than one factor fuels its popularity. The rising interest in golf in 2020 kicked off one of those factors, but this trend began around 2015, and many people like the golf cart because it offers an easy and environmentally-friendly way to get around. 


We can expect to see them used increasingly as utility vehicles in the future, owing part of their popularity to the electrification trend.

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