Need some help off the tee? Here are 60 one-sentence driver tips from GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers –

November 21, 2022
November 21, 2022 admin

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We asked our Top 100 Teacher for a quick one-liner to help us improve our drives. They didn’t disappoint.
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There’s no substitute for hard work, but as golfers will attest, there’s also nothing that compares to a good swing thought. Something clean and simple, that that you can take to the course and help you hit better shots.
As part of our driver issue in the March edition of GOLF Magazine, we wanted to lean into that, so we put out a call to our prestigious group of GOLF Top 100 Teachers with a simple query: In one sentence, what’s a swing thought, tip, or feeling you would tell a golfer who wants to hit better drives?
The answers came pouring in, and they were gems. But before going any further, a quick word of advice: It’s probably best to stay away from trying all of these at once. We don’t want you getting confused. Instead, scroll through, find one that speaks to you, and use it to send the ball down the fairway like never before.
Smash it like Jon Rahm with these quick, insightful driver tips.
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