October 14, 2022

Golf trolley manufacturer Stewart Golf has launched an ‘Approved Refurbished’ collection which will enable golfers to buy one of the brand’s pre-owned or demonstration trolleys at a significantly reduced price.
The units have often been used for as little as one or two rounds, often for testing by golfing media, so could not be re-sold as new, prompting Stewart Golf’s CEO, Mark Stewart, into launching the Approved Refurbished collection, providing golfers with an opportunity to purchase an almost-new trolley for a price much lower than its original retail value.
Stewart said: “We always use new trolleys for our own photo shoots, and when we work with the big golf magazines, websites, influencers, and the occasional TV or film shoot. This means we have trolleys that have barely been used, but that we can’t sell as new. Instead of these going to waste, our service team fully refurbish these trolleys to an almost brand-new condition, ready to be sold as part of our Approved Refurbished collection.”
Stewart Golf’s Approved Refurbished collection launched online on October 13, with select models offered at discounts of between £300-£500 selling out within hours, although additional stock will be added in the coming weeks.
An Approved Refurbished Q Follow will cost from £1,299, with the Approved Refurbished Q Remote retailing at £849. The Approved Refurbished X10 Follow will retail from £1,049, with the Approved Refurbished X10 Remote retailing from £849.
For more details, visit www.stewartgolf.co.uk.


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