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November 20, 2022
November 20, 2022 admin

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These social feeds can take your game to the next level.
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The digital age has made golf instruction more accessible than ever before. From apps like Skillest, which pairs students with instructors and conducts teaching virtually, to short tutorials on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, golf instruction has never been more accessible.
But with all this virtual instruction available, it can be difficult to know where to find the best of the best. That’s where we come in, so we’ve put together an almanac of some of the coolest instruction feeds on social.
Check it out below. (Ed note: This list is in no particular order.)
The ability to load into the trail side in the backswing and transfer pressure to the lead side at impact is a key to @JonRahmpga’s elite ball striking.@mytpidave shares two drills to improve your load off the tee and get to your lead side with your irons.
Much to learn from a major champions driver swing- club up On plane ✅big hip turn✅big thoracic spine turn ✅hips separation in transition✅lead side extended at impact✅right arm stable at impact. Boom ????
Throwing and slamming med balls needs to become more common place for golfers.
(Editor’s note: Luke works at, so yes, we’re a bit biased)
Aaron Baddeley at the top of the backswing during his Stack and Tilt years
I hear it often said that the shoulders should be close to level at address for consistent strikes, yet most of the best putters do NOT do this. Just a few examples: Snedeker, Woods, Crenshaw and Faxon all set up with their left shoulder quite a bit higher than their right.
Yes….It’s HOT!! I’m leaking!

But…Watch to Draw and not Slice ????????

@sqairz⁩ ⁦@onpointgolf⁩ ⁦@traditions_golf#golf #golfswing #golfinstruction #golfcourse #golflife #golftips #golflesson
If you have same cynical view of BD's tee shot on #5 as this guy "How many did he win by?" realize that Varner's drive to 18' on 10 @ Riv this yr gained .76 shots & Bryson gained .7

It's VERY HARD to gain that much off the tee except on drivable par 4's. INSANE ADVANTAGE #DECADE
Never Slice Again 2 was a game changer in how teachers fixed the slice. If you slice or know someone who does, here is a bang bang, high energy, mini-version of that video that will cure 99% of all slicers. Enjoy!
Pretty cool to see the back of the grip separate from Bryon’s trail hand heading into impact with driver. #clubkinetics
From 30-feet PGA Tour Players leave ~38% of their putts short of the hole.

From 40-feet it's ~46%.

From 50-feet it's ~50%.

The farther you are from the hole, the more evenly you should center your long/short dispersion around the hole.
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Golden advice from a legend ???? ##benhogan ##golftips ##golfswing
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Head stays still not down ##golf ##golftiktok ##golfer ##golfswing
Be sure to have your eyes over the ball at address for the best view of the line ???? ##fyp ##golf ##golftip ##golftiktok ##golfer ##putting

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