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One of the most bizarre penalties you will ever see on Tour…
Symetra Tour pro Sharmila Nicollet received a two-stroke penalty at the Prasco Charity Championship after her caddie took a golf cart to go to the toilet during the round. 
This quite frankly s*** ruling, in our opinion, falls under Local Rule G-6 which states: “During a round, a player or caddie must not ride on any form of motorised transportation except as authorised or later approved by the Committee.”
Nicollet took to Twitter to reveal what happened: 
Got a two stroke penalty because my caddy used the cart to go to the restroom
Nicollet’s caddie – a female – was quick to clear up any suggestions that she was indeed a male and that she could have taken simple relief behind a tree, with a rather hilarious response: 
Oh. Apologies. What rule was broken.
Golf fans have since been reacting to the two-shot penalty:
“Golf needs to calm TF down,” said one golf fan.
“Not sure about 2-shot penalty, more like a 2-s*** penalty.”
“Golf needs to take a serious look into some of the rules, which are ridiculous.”
“Bummer! I incurred a one-stroke penalty a couple weeks ago for driving over my own golf ball with my own golf cart.”
“Genuinely curious: what rule does this violate?”
“This is where golf really let’s itself down. Stupid rules made for absolutely no reason at all.”


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