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The national lockdown in England wouldn’t be too bad if we all had one of these…
The third national lockdown in England means that currently, all golf courses have been forced to close, meaning we are all back to our limited practice in the back garden. But for the owner of this incredible golf man cave, lockdown can’t be all that bad…
A video recently went viral on Instagram showing one lucky golfer’s perfect man cave, that features a putting green, bar and sofa area and to top it off, a state-of-the-art golf simulator.
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I think if I had that in my house, it would take more than the end of the coronavirus pandemic to get me out of there and I’d probably end up a single man very quickly.
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The video received hundreds of comments across multiple Instagram channels where it was posted, so take a look at some of our favourite reactions below.
“I would have no problem being quarantined for a year.”
“It’s nicer than the Golf Channel set up.”
“That is my absolute dream. Incredible!”
“I can picture it now. Little putting comp with the boys, crack open a few cold ones and sit down to watch The Masters.”
“I’d literally just live down there.”
“What genius created this heaven?! I must know!”


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