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Great Tips For Senior Golfers

By admin Apr29,2024

As we age, golf can become challenging than expected…..or does it? As I enter the back nine of my golfing career I often wonder what my game will be like in a few years. I have enjoyed a great deal of success over the years and my ego thinks that I should be able to continue without any challenges. Some of this is true, yet I am reminded that management of my expectations has to be part of my future golf game. I am not surrendering to poor play, I am just being a realist when it comes to physical ability. Having expressed my thoughts, lets see what a senior golf legend has to say about aging and golf.

Tom Watson offers five points to senior golfers. They are common sense and are easily adopted. There are two points I want to discuss after the video because they stick in my mind more than any of the tips. But first:

The first is the type of golf ball used by seniors. Like all aspects of golf, matching our equipment to our abilities is very important. Watson’s point about hitting a ball that pops off the club face was subtle. I use a Wilson 50 (50 compression ball) most of the time. I will use a Pro V1 on hot days, but those days are becoming less and less. I tried the Duo last year and enjoyed the feel around the green, but I will stick to my Wilson 50. Changing to the less expensive ball was a bit of hit to my ego, but let me tell you it makes no discernable difference to my score (most days) and losing one does not hurt quite as much. Find a ball that works for your game that offers distance and feel.

Next is playing forward tees. “TEE IT FORWARD is aimed at helping golfers have the best possible experience on the golf course by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities. The initiative encourages all golfers to play the course at a length that is aligned with their average driving distance.” (Golf Canada) It is okay to play the forward tees. As we lose some distance, there are times when playing the forward tees helps us enjoy the game more than grinding out every hole. I wrote an article about this initiative that is worth reading. TEE IT FORWARD – The Grateful Golfer

As a senior golfer, golf is meant to be fun. The first steps to keeping our game interesting should follow what Tom Watson espoused. The biggest challenge for me is keeping my ego in check, but that is a personal challenge. Regardless, we can enjoy golf for the most of our lives and I definitely plan to do just that!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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