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KBS Introduce Shaft For Slow Swing Speeds

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When it comes to golf shafts, KBS are one of the biggest names in the game, and whilst many golfers will just go with whatever comes as standard when they buy new or second-hand clubs, finding a shaft which is best suited to your own swing and game can have a huge impact on performance.

KBS Max HL Shaft

The new KBS Max HL graphite wood shaft is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, looking to hit the ball at a higher launch trajectory with added spin and forgiveness.

The shaft weights in between 40 and 45 grams, and is based on the same EI curve as the Max Graphite iron. It’s designed to be fitted using average swing speed measurements rather than just going on traditional flex (i.e. Regular, Stiff).

KBS Max HL Shaft

“The Max HL is a super lightweight driver shaft for the club golfer that maybe feels like he or she is lagging behind in swing speeds and needs help in getting the ball airborne. We’ve conducted a lot of research and there’s not a shaft that comes close in terms of performance, stability and price with the Max HL retailing at around a third of the price of its nearest competitor.”

“We’ve had great success with the Max Graphite iron shaft and the Max HL provides the perfect evolution up through the bag for the added accuracy and consistency that only Tour-proven KBS shafts provide.”

Kim Braly, KBS Director of R&D and Master shaft-maker.

Offered with a .335″ tip diameter and a 4″ parallel tip, the shaft comes in a choice of three different weights in the Max HL 40 Swing Speed Series categories:

  • 45G: 73-80mph swing speed
  • 42G: 65-72mph swing speed
  • 40G: 65mph and below.

The shaft comes in seven eye-catching gloss finishes: Black Gloss, White Gloss, KBS Red Gloss, Chrome, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Rainbow with three different flex options: R, RS and S.

It’s available now at an RRP of £115.

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