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How To Hit The Driver For Beginners

By admin Apr30,2024

Every golfer I know loves to hit the ‘big dog’! Watching their ball sail through the air hundreds of yards is fun. The challenge for many beginners to golf is how to effectively grip it and rip it. Well, the process is fundamental for every player and it does take some time to develop the swing the works best for you. If you are new to golf, it is important to develop some basic fundamentals for hitting a driver in order to be successful off the tee. Fortunately, I found a simple to follow, five step process that will help build the foundation needed to hit a driver properly.

This is another video I found at that helps simplify the basics to golf. The five step process in this video provide a perfect foundation to beginner golfers. After you understand and master these steps, then it will be time to tinker and have fun gaining distance with your driver. But first, the basics:

If a beginner adopts these steps, I am confident they will improve their overall golf game. The tip I like the most is fifth one on power. Overswinging is the most popular challenge faced by all beginners. Instead of letting the club do the work, they think that swinging as hard and fast as they can is the key to long drives. There is nothing further from the truth. When starting, in my opinion, it is important to develop a smooth, controlled swing. After that, we can work on improving and increasing club head speed.

Learning the fundamentals of the golf swing is key to playing well. The fundamentals of using the driver does leech into other swings with other clubs. However, learning to hit our driver in play with the possibility of increasing distance opens many doors to solid golf. By focusing on the five step process outlined in the video, you will be well on your way to lower golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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