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#8016 Fuse Saver Master Kit By Innovative Products Of America

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Chase Down Short Circuits Without Blowing Fuses!

The Fuse Saver® Master Kit provides a level of versatility in electronics testing (5-30 amps) never before available. It includes five resetting, thermal breaker handles, color-coded to match the vehicle’s fuse sizes and is designed to stress but not harm electrical circuitry, so the technician can easily find the problem.

Simply plug the Fuse Saver® with its 10 ft. cord directly into the fuse box in place of the troubled circuit’s fuse. When a short is present, the breaker will pop and the user can then manually reset the circuit breaker to re-apply power to the circuit and continue testing.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Introducing the Fuse Saver Master Kit
0:18 What’s Included
0:44 How to fix a short circuit
2:01 Key Features
2:19 Fuse Saver Standard Kit
2:29 Where to Buy


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