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How To Sink Long Putts

By admin May1,2024

Putting is a unique skill that requires a great deal of attention to master. I spend most of my time on or around the green with my scoring clubs in hand. The club that will lower your score the most is your putter! I know this from experience because even now as a low digit handicapper, putting accounts for 40 to 50% of my score. Yup, it is the club we use the most and in many cases receives the least attention! Well, let me offer a process that works when on the green.

Hitting long putts is not a mystery. There is a simple process that I use and it is captured best by a video. It explains the five steps all golfers should adopt if they want lower their golf score. After the video, I will recommend three more steps that will improve your putting stroke.

My first recommendation is to watch the ball until it comes to a complete stop. While the ball is rolling it offers information on break (especially around the hole), speed, and roll. These nuggets of information will help when if leave your ball near the hole for a tap in.

My second recommendation is try and hit the ball past the hole about 8 inches. At the speed the ball is traveling to reach this distance, it will fall in if it catches any part of the hole. Most of the time, amateurs are tentative with putts and miss short more often than not. So, when putting, try to get the ball past he hole.

Lastly, when making your putting stroke, follow through farther than you take the club head back. My mantra is ‘back 6 forward 12’. Completing your putting stroke like this will promote solid contact through the ball and allow you to groove a reasonable swing that will work more often than not.

Putting is a challenge for most. However, by developing a simple process (like the one in the video), your overall scores will drop. You will have more confidence in your game and that is a good thing….right?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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