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Selecting A Landing Area When Chipping

By admin May1,2024

Selecting the proper landing area is critical to low golf scores. It is something that most amateurs overlook because they focus solely on the pin. They believe that the pin is the most important aspect of their next shot and do not understand their continuous failing results. Eventually, they will realize that the landing area is the key to low golf scores and shift their focus to it. But, how one might ask? Lets ask the professionals.

The landing area is the most important focal point on any chip. Understanding this important concept will lower your golf scores and improve your chipping percentages (and of course lower your golf scores). The landing area, if chosen properly, will result in the ball going in or at a minimum a shorter putt. From our experiences, all of these lead to lower golf scores.

I have talked about landing area in the past because it is an key concept of chipping. I always concentrate on my landing area when chipping. To ensure I know the distances needed and what type of shot to hit, I practice with multiple clubs from varying distances in order to understand how my ball will react to loft and distance travelled. It was worth the time I put in on the practice area adjusting the variables required to hit a landing area from different locals. If you have not tried this type of practice, I recommend that you do as soon as possible.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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