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Pitching The Golf Ball From Distance

By admin May2,2024

Pitching the ball is a challenge from distance. Many of us hit more shots than we want from 40 to 60 yards. Understanding different shot options from that distance will go a long way to lowering our golf scores. The focus of today is the pitch shot from distance. Specifically, the USGA instructor Sam Vosler, lead golf coach for the Sanford Power Golf Academy, suggests two things to remember when hitting a 40 yard chip shot that is worth discussing.

First, a pitch shot flies higher in the air and I use use this when having to fly over a hazard, rough terrain, or any obstacle that potentially could affect the results of a lower trajectory shot. It is not my shot of choice most of the time, but I like to have it in my bag. I find chipping the ball from 40 yards is more challenging than a bump and run or a long chip shot, but it is important to have this shot in my bag.

Here is what Sam Vosler recommends:

The use of bounce is very important. Volser explains it very well. However, if you need a bit more information take at look at the infographic I created:

Bounce is important. All my wedges have an 8° bounce because it is the most versatile for my game. I specifically chose this bounce angle and I am happy with the results.

How Vosler describes the wide arc concept of pitching the ball is important. Avoiding a steep angle on the downswing when pitching the ball is very important. It fits well into the concept of bounce and how to use it. I avoid excessive hinging of my wrists during a pitch shot which in turn promotes consistent, solid contact with the ball instead of the ground.

The second tip is about allowing our head to move. Personally, I do not intentionally move my head forward on a pitch shot because it happens naturally. What I get from Vosler’s recommendation is that our weight should finish on our lead foot, thereby preventing us from digging the club face in the ground behind the golf ball. Having our weight forward on contact also allows the bounce to work effectively. Additionally, it avoids those dreaded shots where we hit more ground than ball.

Pitching the ball from 40 yards is an important shot to learn. I worked on this shot a great deal in my early years and continue to work on it my yard every spring. It is a shot that provides options when trying to hit over obstacles or hazards. One last recommendation, when developing a pitch shot from 40 to 60 yards, used different clubs to find the one that fits your swing and comfort zone.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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