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Basic Tips Are Not Just For Junior Golfers

By admin May3,2024

Teaching someone how to play golf can be a difficult task. Depending on their physical and mental abilities, explaining golf concepts is a challenge. The one thing I notice over the years is that we seem to teach young juniors different than an adult learning how to play golf. Of course, keeping it fun for juniors is key and I would suggest the same goal applies to adults. The key is finding fun, easy, and understandable ways to teach the five key basics to any golf swing. Well, look no further!

As we delve into outlining the teaching points of a great golf swing, I will caution you that some of the physical movements in video may be a challenge to you as an adult or a young junior golfer. The key is to understand the teaching points.

It is very obvious that Leo, the young lad in the video, is an experienced golfer. But you can see that he is having fun and the basics presented offer some minor challenges to him. I would contest that the five basics offered in the video are key to every golfer developing a consistent, repeatable, and sustainable golf swing. The Me and My Golf instructors (Piers and Andy) are making it fun for Leo to learn. I think this lesson can be applied to adults as well. Keeping learning fun is a great way to ensure that the beginner wants to keep coming back to the golf course.

Learning about golf does not have to be a challenge. This wonderful sport is supposed to be fun. Teaching someone in a way that facilitates their enjoyment of learning should be the goal of any instructor. I believe that the simple methodology in the video can be used across the spectrum of all beginners regardless of age. If you think about how you learned to play, would today’s approach helped?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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