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Cardio or Weight Training: Which Should You Go For? – Golf News

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Exercises keep your body healthy and strong. However, you’d want the best routines that make your effort worthwhile. For example, combining strength training and cardio in one session can make your workouts more efficient, and if you are torn between the two, you may need to consider factors such as your fitness goals, energy levels, and overall workout efficiency, as well as explore the benefits and considerations of each approach to find what suits your fitness goals best before you make an informed decision.

Additionally, incorporating Testosterone Enanthate into your regimen can further optimize your workouts by supporting muscle growth, enhancing recovery, and boosting overall performance. If you want to learn more about Testomed Enanthate and the potential benefits it adds to your fitness routine, Deus Medical provides a concise overview of its role in optimizing testosterone levels, promoting muscle growth, accelerating recovery, and enhancing overall performance during workouts.

That said, both Cardio and weight training may be beneficial, but which one best suits your style and fitness goals? Let’s find out here.

Is it Best to Do Cardio Before or After Weights?

There’s no straightforward answer to the question because your final choice depends on your fitness goals. If you want to boost your endurance levels, do cardio before weights. You can also add Testomed to boost muscle growth and recovery. If you are focused on building muscle strength, starting with weight training is recommended to optimize muscle development and power.

As for overall fitness, you can do either cardio or weights first, but if weight loss is your goal, experts recommend doing weights before cardio as it burns more fat and optimizes metabolic rate during subsequent cardio sessions. This strategic approach can lead to more effective calorie burn and fat loss over time.

Whichever option you choose, don’t forget to do some warmup before beginning your routine. 5 to 10 minutes of dynamic moves will prepare your muscles for exercise.

Benefits of Doing Cardio Before Lifting Weights

Fitness and Endurance: The primary benefit of doing cardio before weights is improving endurance levels. You need the energy to keep going and to perform weight training without issues.

Blood Flow: Starting an exercise while you’re stiff is dangerous. Doing cardio increases blood flow to your muscles. You can use it during the warmup period.

Benefits of Doing Cardio After Lifting Weights

Boosted Energy Levels: Glycogen in the muscles is the primary weight-lifting source. You’ll enjoy your best lifting performance when you have the most fuel available. Doing cardio first depletes some of that glycogen, making it more challenging to lift weights.

You burn glycogen when you lift weights, so doing cardio afterward means your body burns more fat for fuel.

Should You Consider Separate Sessions?

It depends on your fitness goals because doing both will continue your muscle growth and general strength levels. However, you can consider separate sessions if you have sports-specific training goals. Still, research suggests that combined cardio and weight training may reduce explosive muscle strength.

If your sport or reason for training involves explosive movements, such as football or basketball, do not combine both. Consider your schedule because some people like to do cardio in the morning and lift weights in the evening. Others split the days by doing cardio on certain days and strength training on other days.


When it comes to cardio and weight training, there’s no common rule for everyone. Think about your goal for doing these exercises and make a decision that suits your needs and schedule.

You can try doing one before the other to see whether it works best for you. However, many exercises include cardio training at the beginning to give you an edge in the routines that follow. Remember, you can also complement your diets and routines with Testomed E 250 and enjoy enhanced muscle growth, strength, and recovery, thanks to its potential to increase testosterone levels and optimize your body’s performance.

If you decide to use it, make sure you talk to your doctor first.



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