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Does Your Takeaway Hurt Your Golf Swing?

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The golf swing is made up of a 1000 minor movements to create poetry in motion. It can be challenging at the basic level, but certain movements help easy the pressure of creating the perfect golf swing. One of the basic movements is the takeaway. Moving the club head away from the ball in such a manner as it sets up the conditions for success throughout the rest of your swing. The trick, I surmise, is how to start the takeaway in a proper fashion; well, I think I have found a solution that all golfers can use!

To be fair, I did not create anything. As an amateur myself, my goal is to find knowledge for multiple sources and use it or discard it depending on its value to my game. I think most avid golfers are the same. As far as the takeaway goes, I turn to Butch Harmon.

The concept of keeping the triangle in place during the takeaway is something that makes sense to my game. It allows my shoulders, hips, and arms to stay in a position to create the conditions for a successful swing. Additionally, it promotes pushing the clubhead back in a line that helps square my club at the top of my golf swing.

When I do not keep the triangle in the proper position, I have a tendency to move my clubhead over the top and pull the ball. It is a visual que I use to ensure I am moving my club head on the proper swing plane. The triangle is a simple, easy and repeatable technique to help build a strong foundation in my swing.

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Building a Triangle – The putting triangle is not unique.  Virtually all the resources I checked stated that the triangle between your shoulders, arms, head and hands is the key to good putting.  I agree.  

Once you have formed your triangle, it is important to keep it solid through the entire swing.  It is the foundation to a great putter. And according to Harmon, it is the foundation for a great takeaway.

Many of golfs techniques are interchangeable. In the case of the triangle when taking the club backwards, it is used in several different shots. As Harmon mentions, keeping the triangle in place as you draw back the clubhead is a fundamental movement to a successful swing. It is something that I worked on over the years to a point where I do not think about it, it just happens. As you progress your game, this too will happen where positive fundamental parts of your golf swing will become second nature.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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