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Top 8 Resources for Beginner Golfers – Golf News

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Getting started in golf can be daunting, but amazing resources exist to help beginners learn the fundamentals, develop proper technique, and enjoy the game right from the first tee. Whether you want to sink more putts, strike your irons purely, or drive the ball farther down the fairway, these top eight resources will accelerate your learning curve.

1.     Putting Shark

Mastering putting is crucial for beginners. Nothing is more frustrating than 3-putting every hole. provides video lessons, daily putting challenges, reviews of the latest putters, and tips from the pros to develop your skills on the green. Hone fundamentals like grip, stance, and stroke along with reading greens and dialing in speed control. With high-quality video tutorials and daily practice games, Putting Shark has some of the best putting tips to help your short game

2.     Skillest

The Skillest app acts like a virtual golf coach in your pocket. Get personalized practice plans, video analysis of your swing compared to pros, and interactive lessons for full swing, short game, and equipment advice. Track detailed statistics to monitor your improvement in all areas of your game. With an extensive video library and customized learning path, Skillest helps beginners build solid mechanics from the ground up.

3.     GOLFTEC Lessons

GOLFTEC leverages cutting-edge swing technology to help beginners build an efficient, repeatable swing with one-on-one lessons from certified instructors. Their high-tech club fitting services can improve consistency by getting you properly fitted equipment. With locations nationwide, GOLFTEC provides an ideal blend of in-person instruction and biofeedback swing analysis for faster improvement.

4.     Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible

Dave Pelz’s bestselling book breaks down chipping, pitching, sand shots, and putting in an easy-to-follow format. This golf classic will shave strokes off your score by sharpening your finesse game. With over 300 pages of illustrations, troubleshooting tips, and practice drills, Pelz’s book is the definitive guide to developing a stellar short game.

5.     Golf Channel Academy

Golf Channel Academy brings together instructional content from the top coaches in golf. Browse videos, articles and drills to improve your driving, iron play, short game and more. You can learn valuable tips from the game’s best teachers. With a vast library of free instructional videos, Golf Channel Academy lets you get advice from the game’s top instructors whenever you need it.

6.     The Complete Golf Manual by Steve Newell

For a truly comprehensive text covering all aspects of technique, skills, and strategies for beginners through advanced players, look no further than Newell’s exhaustive manual. This reference book builds a solid foundation. Broken down into sections from putting to bunker play, Newell’s manual leaves no stone unturned in building well-rounded skills.

7.     Golfshot Pro App

Golfshot helps you get the most out of your practice sessions via customizable training plans for all areas of your game. Track progress with performance metrics, get course strategy assistance, and dial in each club’s distance. The Golfshot app provides structured practice routines to ingrain proper mechanics gradually over time.

8.     Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Designed to provide realistic putting practice at home, the Perfect Practice mat simulates putts up to 40 feet. Variable break controls allow you to master reading and sinking tricky putts. You can practice confidently with detailed feedback on your face angle, impact position, and swing path.

With the right resources, beginner golfers can build a well-rounded, consistent game without developing bad habits. Mastering putting, dialing in a repeatable swing, and sharpening your short game skills will lead to rapidly dropping scores. Take advantage of these top eight instructional resources to make golf more enjoyable right from the first lesson.


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