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60 Day Dry Aged Picanha (Covered in frosting?) #shorts

By admin May4,2024

I recently asked myself, what makes Picanha so good? I realized it’s one of the few cuts that shines in all 3 areas that make a steak great: it’s beefy, tender, and also fatty. Compare this to almost every other cut that lacks at least one:

Filet mignon:
not beefy
less marbled

Strip loin:
less beefy

not tender
well-marbled (especially in point)
very beefy

Up against any cut, the Picanha debatably comes out on top. IMO even against the ribeye! While slightly less tender, the Picanha is much more beefy (a trade-off I can get behind).

Why does all of this matter? Besides being something I recommend everyone try, Picanha is a cut that shines in the format of high graded Wagyu. Excessive marbling can be overwhelming on most cuts, but I find that Picanha’s beefiness is one of the few that stands up to this richness.

This dry aged Australian wagyu Picanha was truly incredible. Our loss was reduced significantly by adding tallow, a process I look forward to continue experimenting with. You’ll notice that I left one side exposed, this was to allow moisture to escape (if fully sealed we would just be wet aging).

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