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Golfing For The First Time In 2024

By admin May4,2024

Yesterday, I golfed for the first time in 2024. It was our annual pilgrimage to the first home course to open in the area (we were a few days late this year) and play our first round. I was lucky to hit the links with Rick, Steve and Dillon. Rick is one of my usual playing partners, so it was great to reconnect on the links. It was a great round laced with many ups and downs. Overall, it was a huge success!

The year, Osprey Links with the site our first round. In the past Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort won out, but alas not this year. Osprey Links was in very good shape, but very wet on the front nine. Our local area has experienced a great deal of rain over the past week and it accumulated in many of the low area. The greens, however, were rolling well and experienced very little winter kill. Overall, it was a great track to play for the first time in 2024.

A view from the 16th tee box to the 11th green at Osprey Links

My round was one of laughs, camaraderie and disappointment. I made many great shots and more not so great. The worst aspect of my game was chipping in the wet conditions. I added (if I had kept score) a good 10 extra strokes to my round from eating too much chili! I expected this crazy round and was disappointed on a few shots only. I laughed at myself many times because I stopped my expectations from raising too high. I did not not want to lose sight of what the round was supposed to be achieve.

On a side note, I did shoot one birdie on the par 5, 16th hole. It took 4 good shots and it was the highlight of my game.

Camaraderie was the main goal. It was to get out and play golf with my friends. This goal was accomplished easily as Rick, Steve and Dillon chatted, discussed, and lamented about the happenings in our lives. Steve and Dillon only played nine holes and Rick and I played the whole 18. At the end, Rick and I were a bit tired, but both felt great about finally hitting the links. Golf is a social sport and we proved that yesterday.

Yesterday’s round was a perfect start to my 2024 season. My home course of Mattawa opens this weekend and then my efforts to play lots of golf will start. I am happy to be playing golf again and look forward to many great rounds in the future.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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