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How To Reset Our Golf Swing

By admin May6,2024

Every golfer experiences days when we could not hit the broad side of a barn from 5 yards. Our swing feels like complete trash and we cannot seem to fix our woes. Sometimes we need a reset of our swing in order to banish our error riddled process. The challenge for most is finding a simple, easy and repeatable process to reset our golf swing. Well, I think I found one!

Resetting our golf swing does not mean changing how we move the club. Finding a process to shoo away the ‘what heck am I doing’ thoughts of our swing and replace them with ‘that feels better’ movements. To do this reset, focusing on ball position, foot alignment, and weight distribution are key. Just watch:

Resetting our golf swing is an important process that every golf should learn. The one in the video above is very basic and will likely fix (improve) most amateur’s golf swings. I know I need to reset my swing once or twice a year because it just goes awry. Additionally, starting after a long winter’s nap (like I am now), this process will get my game on track faster.

Golf is an incredible sport. It does ties in knots from time to time. Understanding how to reset our golf swing is important and a valuable tool for all amateurs. Do you have any other tips that will help reset our golf swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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