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Struggling With Solid Ball Contact

By admin May7,2024

The start of my 2024 golf season has seen the resurgence of a swing challenge: making solid ball contact. This is challenge is not unique to this year’s start, but on I face each year. It takes weeks for me to find my swing, train my body to play golf, and to feel comfortable with hitting a golf ball. It is a process that is a yearly tradition (much to my chagrin) the accentuates the lack of solid ball contact. I go through many different stages of improvement and finding drills to help is always a boon. Well, I have one from Colin Morikawa that I use each year. It is simple, easy to replicate and sustainable; hence, a drill made for a grateful golfer.

Morikawa talks about an abbreviated follow through. I like this training drill because it focuses on intent on making solid contact vice trying to hit the ball hard. It seems like a counterintuitive thought, but it really is not. Take a look:

How I use this drill is by trying to focus on the downswing to contact. I place extra emphasis on hitting through the ball and making a divot after contact. This focused ball striking helps my game because right now I am eating more chili dip than I need.

When using this drill, I make sure that I do not change my ball position. It is easy to move the ball backwards in my stance, but that creates other swing mechanic issues that should be avoided. Basically, I go through my entire hitting routine with the focus of hitting through the ball with a shortened follow through. It took me a bit of time to hone this drill, but now it is one I use early in my season. It is always good to have a simple drill like this in my pocket when working on improving my ball striking. I think it might work for you as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


By admin

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