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The High Soft Lob Shot – Do You Really Need It?

By admin May10,2024

Golf can be challenging enough without adding additional pressure to our game. The plethora of shots available to each golfer during a round can make our head spin with choices. One of those possibilities is the high soft lob shot! This specialty shot is difficult at best and really is something that elite golfers might master. A few years ago, I decided to carry a lob wedge because I felt I needed it to take my game to the next level, but as I age I am starting to revisit that decision. For now, I will continue to carry my lob wedge and use it every few rounds or so. Before you make decisions like this, do you know how to hit a high lob shot? This is important if you choose to walk the high lofted wedge path.

Tom Watson explains best on how to hit a high lob shot. He offers a step by step ‘how to’ process that is worth sharing. One point that is important to note is that he is using a high lob shot in a very unique situation. Here, take a look:

Although Watson suggests this shot he is showing is for seniors and is easy to execute, I think it has universal appeal for amateurs thinking about practicing this shot. His methodology is sound and I use something very similar. Given the uniqueness of the high lob shot, Watson showed me that replacing my 60° lob wedge is possible. I will have to think on this more.

I have found that the high lob shot is one of the most difficult shots to hit. Swinging hard is a must and having he confidence to slide under the ball is another challenge. I guess with enough practice this specialty golf shot is one you can add to your bag, but I ask you if it is worth the effort for a shot used so infrequently? Thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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