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Simplify Your Chipping!

By admin May12,2024

If you are a golf video junkie like me, you are always looking for tips to improve your short game. Well, here is a tip……simplify your chipping. Xander Schauffele recommends finding two types of chips and focus on mastering them as soon as possible. He explains when he was playing on the tour that he had to reinvent his short game in order to head to the next level of golf. His efforts seem to been successful as he is competing against Rory McIlroy for another tournament this weekend!

Chipping is a personal thing (much like putting) and Xander suggest finding a stroke that works for you. Actually, he recommends finding two different strokes that work and master them. I think for most amateurs this approach will be the most successful. Here is what he has to say:

After my mediocre short game round yesterday, it is advantageous to find a video that will have a positive impact on my game. What I like the most about the tips provided is playing the ball farther back in my stance. I have a tendency to play the ball too forward at times, but now I will be cognizant of my ball position.

If you are venturing down the chipping path, maybe what Xander says will have merit for your game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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