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Please Finish Your Golf Swing!

By admin May13,2024

The finish or follow through of our golf swing is often an after thought. It is a motion that impacts contact, ball direction, and spin control. I watched many different finishes over the years (so of which I performed myself) that severely hindered swing performance. Because of its importance, I am often surprised that many of my playing partners have little or no knowledge of its importance. Well, that all stops today!

I wrote from a previous article, “when I am playing my best golf, my follow through is effortless and exact. The thought process I keep in mind is to point my belly button at the target and to finish high. These two mental notes help my body complete the other basic movements of a strong follow through. Just to clear up an important point, the follow through is not only where the club finishes. It really is a whole body movement.”

Here is a different video that explains the proper finishing position after the follow through:

Having our club finish is the proper position after contact is a challenge. Sometimes I still struggle with my follow through, but mostly that happens when I am trying to swing outside my abilities. I want to increase swing speed, but I still need to stay in balance in order to maximize my effort. My follow through definitely helps with this goal. I found a pre-drill for us to use when focusing on ensuring the club head is going in the proper position once it travels past our head. It is simple and easy to do anywhere.

Tapping the club head on the wall behind us is a great idea. I always espouse a finish high club position and this particular drill reinforces our efforts. It is something that everyone should try if they are struggling with their golf swing.

The follow through affects so many aspects of our golf swing (see video above ). It helps facilitate proper body position during the other phases of our swing and generates positive aspects of our swing like control, power, and balance. If you have not thought about your follow through in a while, may be it is time to devote a bit of practice time to this important phase of our golf swing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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