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Day Two Of My Two Day Golf Trip In The Ottawa Valley

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The second leg of my golf trip was easily as much fun as the first. Making our way to Roanoke Golf Club was a simple drive only minutes away from Pembroke and Petawawa, Ontario. After a quiet night on day one, I was ready for another wonderful round of golf on a great course. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. Roanoke proved to be as much of a challenge as day one with all the fun!

Roanoke has an interesting history regarding its creation in 1970. Under new management since 2018, it is easy to see that this course is a labour of lover.

Roanoke Golf Club was a flat track cut out of a forest. The fairways were narrow, rough was lush, greens roll true and targets off the tee are small. This is the type of course that would be even more fun for me later in the season when my game is a little sharper. Regardless, we had a great time (score not so much) and I think I will head back for another round later in the season.

Lush and green is a great description of Roanoke.

What caught the attention of all the players was the number for sharp 90° doglegs. The course played at 6000 yards which is perfect for how long I hit the ball. The length is deceiving because 12 of the 18 tee shots required some focus to hit a target and an understanding on what shot you want to hit next. We were required to hit to a distance on most tee shots if we wanted a chance at a reasonable approach shot. I would classify this golf course as a ‘shooters course’. Standing the tee and hitting a way with the big dog was not the course management strategy needed to beat this course.

The other challenge was the greens. They ran true, but were anything but flat. On one green, see picture below, the slope of the green was severe; If you missed your putt on that green, watch out! Many players 3 putted or more. The fun aspect of the greens at Roanoke is understanding when to be aggressive while on the greens; confuse the two and Oh My! The greens were small-ish, but completely fair. It was a great test of my short game!

Severe slope from right to left.

The fairways seemed narrow because of the number of doglegs. However, there is plenty of room to hit our ball to the proper position to set up our next shot; we needed to take a bit of time and select the proper club to hit the decided distance. Basically, we needed to pay attention when hitting off the tee to ensure we had reasonable looks on our approach shots.

I want to give a shout out to the team at Roanoke. Everyone was pleasant, professional, and courteous. Their efforts added to our experience. The hotdogs at the turn were delicious. Thanks to the entire team for a great day.

Lastly, if you are looking for a golf course to play in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Roanoke should be added to your list. At $60, including cart, for a round of golf, this course has plenty of value. I recommend you stop by and see how you fair!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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