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Changing Golf Balls To Improve My Game

By admin May18,2024

The discussion rages on about which golf ball is the best for each player. I have buoy with the idea of changing golf balls in order to improve my game, but I have decided to try and find some success this season. The challenge for many players is the cost of golf balls in relation to the value received. This is my current situation and I seem to be at a standstill on which direction to follow. That is until recently. I have made a decision and we shall see if it is a good one over the course of the summer.

The variety, make, and model of golf balls is staggering! There is little doubt that we amateurs are overwhelmed by the constant barrage of advertising touting which ball is best for our game. Well, I tried to sift through this information and have decided that it is time to make a change. The change is mostly driven by my cost/performance ratio. I am not suggesting that the golf balls I have used to date are not of quality, just for my game it is time to make a change.

My basic decision to change is based in cost. I do not like paying $70+ dollars for a dozen golf balls. That seems too steep of a price for something I will whack around a few rounds and then replace. I do know that my change might possibly impact my ability to play around the green, but we shall see. I am trying to maximize my cost/value/performance the best way I know how.

Therefore, I have decided to change my ball from my traditional Pro V1 to a Wilson products. At less than have the price for a dozen golf balls, the Elite 50 and Duo are a good combination for a place to start. It is a challenge to determine if my decision will be a correct one, but I am willing to give it a try. I wrote an article on these two golf balls in the past and have changed my tune on their performance. If you are interested, you can read my previous article can Golf Ball Review: Wilson 50 and Wilson Duo.

I used the Wilson Duo last Thursday during Men’s night and found it to be very suitable. I did not notice any significant loss of distance or feel around the green. But, it is very early in my experiment and I am not jumping to conclusions at this point. I will continue to play with the Wilson golf ball for a bit and we shall see. I realize it seems odd for someone to arbitrarily change their golf ball, but for some reason I think it is time.

More to follow on my experiment.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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