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Successfully Hitting Out Of The Rough

By admin May19,2024

Every round of golf produces lies that can confound most players. Hitting the ball out of the rough is definitely one of those times where understanding how to produce a great shot is needed. There is not one round of golf I have played, ever, where I did not have to hit at least one shot from the rough. Knowing I will need to hit a difficult shot forced me to realize I needed to practice and understand the process of hitting out of longer grass. It is a skill that understand, but do not always execute. That is the nature of my game. Is it the same for you?

Hitting out of long grass is not as easy as it may seem. The club selection is very important and we can discuss that later. But for now, here is a five step process that will provide the foundation for hitting out of the rough. The more you practice and understand these individual concepts, the faster you will hone your ‘getting out of trouble’ shots.

The five steps are all things that everyone should understand. There is a sixth step that is often overlooked. It is simple and will save strokes during each round.

The sixth step is where to aim. Most amateurs aim towards the green or pin and swing away. The result is usually to hit their next shot from the rough as well. This is folly at a foundational level. The next step in hitting out of the rough is to actually get out of the rough. We need to aim (sometimes it is only 50 yards away) so that our ball will be on the short grass or green for our next shot!

All to many times I have tried to gain a few extra yards only to leave myself in a challenging position. Golfing is a simple game if we use our minds and ensuring we hit out of the rough is definitely the first step in successfully playing out of the rough. So, the next time you are hitting from the long grass, keep all six steps in mind and see if it helps your overall game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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