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How To Successfully Lag Putt

By admin May20,2024

Lag putting is a topic that continues to pop up on The Grateful Golfer. After watching the PPG Championship yesterday, it was obvious that lag putting needed to make another appearance. There are many great videos out there with plenty of suggestions and I recommend you find one. Well, I found a drill by Dave Pelz that will be help develop your lag putting skills. It is simple, easy and repeatable; talk about a drill made for amateurs.

Dave Pelz is a legend in golf. His ability to teach and explain how to improve our short game is worth paying attention too. “To empower golfers of all levels to significantly improve their scoring abilities through scientifically validated techniques and personalized instruction. We are dedicated to providing an engaging, comprehensive learning experience that focuses on the short game.” (Pelz Golf)

The drill outlined by Pelz is not new. It emphasizes how to improve our lag putting by training our mind and body on how to hit from a distance. You can use any distances for this drill, it really focuses on how far you normally hit your ball from the pin from 150 yards. I use this distance because it is a good bench mark for my game. You can adjust to suit yours.

Know when to lag putt is as important as developing distance control for long putts. There is a specific distance that most players that really is a ‘go – no go’ for attempting to sink their putt. for me, there are many variables, but about 30 feet becomes my distance most of the time. I become less aggressive and focus on hitting my three foot circle around pin vice sinking the putt. Of course, if the putt goes in, then I am very happy. Your ‘go – no go’ will vary depending on your game.

Lag putting is a very important skill to master. It allows us to limit extra strokes and develop confidence in our game. Using Pelz’s drill will definitely help with our distance control and lower our total score.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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