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Using The Eight Iron Shimmy To Lower Your Golf Score

By admin May21,2024

What exactly is the ‘eight iron shimmy’? Well, it is a term I coined when my friend, Rick, chips with his eight iron. Many years back, our group had a discussion about chipping with a slightly delofted club when playing a shot around the green. It is a shot I have used for many years, but in my case I use a seven iron. This shot is very versatile and according to Dave Pelz prevents hitting behind the ball. It is a shot I developed long ago and is a stable go to shot for my game. If you are wondering, the eight iron shimmy should be part of your game as well.

Hitting the eight iron shimmy is a simple shot. It is repeatable, conceptually easy to hit, and it does not deviate far in to the complexity realm. I use this shot all the time with some slight variances which we can discuss after the video.

Through hours of practice, I made two minor adjustments to Pelz’s style of hitting the eight iron shimmy. First, I use a putters grip when executing this important shot. I find that this grip helps me judge distance better and to keep my shot on my intended line. Sometimes I do come up short, but that is because I miss judged release distance after reading the green. Most of time, my ball is close to the pin for a tap in or within the three foot lag putt distance.

The second aspect that I change is my feet. Because I have adopted my putting grip, I found that squaring my feet more (as I do when putting) works best for this chipping stroke. I still play the ball back in my stance as indicated in the video with a slight forward press of my hands.

These minor changes have rocketed the eight iron shimmy into a must use shot around the green. I will caution you though, this shot does not work well out of the rough. It is important that the club face make contact with the ball without any grass in volved. You can practice to see how long of grass you are comfortable with when using this shot, but for me, none is my answer.

Using the eight iron shimmy will save you strokes. It is simple, easy to duplicate, and dependable. All great aspects of a golf shot worth using. I used this shot for years and wish I had used it at the start of my golfing career.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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